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06, November, 2022

Dubai has grown as a popular market for spas and wellness resorts, with consumers flocking to luxury spas to rejuvenate themselves. The post-pandemic landscape has seen the emergence of a lasting trend to seek holistic care for one’s health and beauty. Today's consumers are no longer satisfied with the mere purchase of products to care for themselves. Instead, they want experiences that relax them and experts who guide them towards wellness and productivity. As Dubai's markets get flooded with hundreds of spas, it can be hard to find the best. That is why here is a list of the best spa resorts in Dubai for relaxing massages, facial treatments, and more!


Spa Experiences at Golden Mile Galleria



Golden Mile Galleria is Dubai's top luxury mall, delivering unparalleled experiences to customers who come to explore its offerings. This location has outstanding health and beauty outlets where you can refresh yourself! This mall also hosts the top spas in Dubai. Let’s find out more about them.


Jazz Lounge Spa


This spa is a premium destination for men looking for styling services and relaxing experiences.  You can take a break from your stressful work life and enjoy a rejuvenating session with the help of top stylists. Men can get the best massage in Dubai and explore different grooming options. Stylists at this spa can spruce up your hairstyle for an exciting new look. If you are in the mood for some skincare, the experts at the Jazz Lounge Spa can help you with that too! They can deliver some much-needed TLC for your skin and hair, making you feel refreshed and revived. What’s more, you can also enjoy some nail care at this spa, ensuring you have well-groomed hands.


Many men feel daunted by the thought of going for a spa day, but such a session can help them unlock multiple benefits. The best relaxing massages can alleviate physical concerns and support stress management. Deep tissue massages from professionals can minimise pain. Experts believe that massages can reduce the levels of inflammatory cytokines in the body. Such reduction can drive better health outcomes for men.


Spa massages can also support the efficient management of chronic issues like asthma and arthritis. These health benefits add a functional appeal to the relaxing experience of a spa.

Men looking for grooming and massages can check out the Jazz Lounge Spa at the Golden Mile Galleria Mall in Palm Jumeirah. This spa is open from 10 am to 10 pm every day. You can also visit other health and beauty outlets at Golden Mile for yoga, dental checkups, and more after your spa session at these resorts!



Sensasia Urban Spa


The Sensasia Urban Spa offers a unique spa experience by curating relaxing treatments from three famous cities. This spa helps Dubai residents to experience the wellness secrets of Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam. Clients can explore spa rooms dedicated to the cultures and traditions of these famous cities. This spa offers exciting and fun pampering sessions with quirky names. Their fan-favourite spa package Nurturing Mother to Be has won the hearts of many people. Other exotic spa packages like The Skinny Latte and Bee My Honey also add a creative twist to the usual spa experiences.

The professionals at the Sensasia Urban Spa deliver premium personalised service. Their personalised twist and the quirky combination of exciting ideas make this spa bigger and better than ordinary hotel spas. This exclusive boutique spa has limited seats that run out quickly and the top tip would be that you get a booking soon!


Feet Lounge


If you are someone who loves organic and all-natural treatments, the Feet Lounge should be on your must-visit list! This spa resort provides reflexology massages and spa services under the same roof. Reflexology is a unique therapeutic approach where the specialist applies gentle pressure to specific points on one's feet and hands. This technique can have a positive impact on your body's energy pathways, helping you heal from the inside. Such gentle pressure aids in stress relief. offers more health benefits by supporting pain management and relaxation.


A visit to this spa can guarantee an exotic experience for the people in Dubai. Thai spa therapists use their expertise to deliver personalised experiences to every client. Their knowledge and understanding of spa treatments ensure that you get the best experience ever. You can explore different spa options like signature herbal massages and whole-body treatments. Their packages combine foot massages, head and shoulder massages, and full-body treatments. The spa uses 100% organic ingredients and provides all-natural treatments. This spa is open from 10 am to 10 pm on all days of the week.

You can check out these luxury spas for the best facial treatments, massages, and other pampering experiences. Check out the Golden Mile Galleria mall to explore these top spa resorts in Dubai.